What is Selenium?

Last updated on 9 November 2022
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What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source, robotized testing device used to test web applications across different programs. Selenium can test web applications, sadly, so work area and versatile applications can't be tried. Be that as it may, different apparatuses like Appium and HP's QTP can be utilized to test programming and versatile applications.

What compels Selenium Such a Broadly Utilized Testing Instrument?

  • Selenium is not difficult to use since it's fundamentally evolved in JavaScript
  • Selenium can test web applications against different programs like Firefox, Chrome, Show, and Safari
  • Tests can be coded in a few programming dialects like Java, Python, Perl, PHP, and Ruby
  • Selenium is stage free, meaning it can send on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Selenium can be incorporated with devices like JUnit and TestNG for test the board
  • Since we have realized what is Selenium, let us investigate the Selenium set-up of instruments.

Selenium Incorporated Improvement Climate (IDE)

Created by Shinya Kasatani in 2006, Selenium IDE is a program expansion for Firefox or Chrome that mechanizes usefulness. Commonly, IDE records client cooperation's on the program and products them as a reusable content.

IDE was created to accelerate the making of mechanization scripts. It's a quick prototyping instrument and can be utilized by engineers with no programming information at all.

IDE stopped existing in August 2017 when Firefox moved up to another Firefox 55 form, which presently not upheld Selenium IDE. Applitools modified the old Selenium IDE and delivered another rendition in 2019. The most recent rendition accompanied a few headways.

Selenium IDE has a couple of weaknesses:

  1. It doesn't uphold information driven testing

  2. It can't perform information base testing

  3. It can't give a point by point test report

  4. It can't product to WebDriver scripts


Selenium Controller (RC)

Paul Hammant created Selenium Controller (RC). Before we jump into RC, it's critical to know why RC came to be in any case.


At first, an instrument called Selenium-Centre was fabricated. It was a bunch of JavaScript capabilities that deciphered and executed Selenide orders utilizing the program's inherent JavaScript translator. Selenium-Centre was then infused into the internet browser.

Presently, we should think about a JavaScript, test.js utilized by google.com. This program can get to pages like google.com/mail or google.com/login inside the google.com area.

Selenium Lattice

Patrick Light body fostered a lattice with the essential goal of limiting the test execution time. This was worked with by disseminating the test orders to various machines at the same time.

 Selenium Network permits the equal execution of tests on various programs and different working frameworks. Framework is extraordinarily adaptable and coordinates with other suite parts for synchronous execution.

Selenium WebDriver

Created by Simon Stewart in 2006, Selenium WebDriver was the primary cross-stage testing system that could design and control the programs on the operating system level. It filled in as a programming connection point to make and run experiments.

Dissimilar to Selenium RC, WebDriver doesn't need a centre motor like RC and cooperates locally with program applications. WebDriver additionally upholds different programming dialects like Python, Ruby, PHP, and Perl, among others, and can be coordinated with structures like TestNG and JUnit for test the board.

The design of Selenium WebDriver is straightforward and straightforward:

  • Selenium test script - Selenium test script is the test code written in any programming language be it Java, Perl, PHP, or Python that can be deciphered by the driver.

  • JSON Wire Convention - JSON Wire Convention gives a vehicle component to move information between a server and a client. JSON Wire Convention fills in as an industry standard for different web administrations.

  • Program drivers - Selenium utilizes drivers well defined for every program to lay out a solid association with the program.

  • Programs - Selenium WebDriver upholds different internet browsers to test and run applications on.

Benefits of Selenium Testing

Selenium computerized testing accompanies a few advantages, for example,

  1. Selenium has shown to be exact with results along these lines making it very solid

  2. Since selenium is open-source, anyone ready to get the hang of testing can start at no expense

  3. Selenium upholds a wide range of programming dialects like Python, PHP, Perl, and Ruby

  4. Selenium upholds different programs like Chrome, Firefox, and Drama, among others

  5. Selenium is not difficult to execute and doesn't need the specialist to have inside and out information on the instrument

  6. Selenium has a lot of re-convenience and additional items

  7. As a significant part of realizing what Selenium is, let us comprehend the limits of Selenium testing.

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